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Argos, Medusa, Oedipus

Argos, Medusa, Oedipus - Tuesday W2 Read Iliad know major...

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Tuesday W2 28/08/2007 11:40:00 Read Iliad, know major characters and events, who duels and who dies Checklist online Overview of the summary of Iliad (read through it 4-5 times) we have to wrote a paper oh fuck due: Tuesday week 6 Heroics, myths, and legends In the legends, the gods almost always interact with heroes The gods take sides, actively involved in the lives of men Focused on historical centers of Greek bronze age o Argos (Mycenae, Tiryns) o Crete (Knossos), established linear A (Greeks did linear B) & Athens Thebes Troy, etc. Memory preserved and transformed tales in oral tradition, especially epic poetry Argos; 10 & family extensive family tree (Powell, p. 324) Connections with Egypt o Io = Isis (in cow form)?—most scholars believe so o Io gives birth to Apithus o 2 Egyptian sons are descended from Io, Aegyptus had 50 sons and Danaus had 50 daughters Danaus and his daughters flee to Argos so his daughters cannot marry their brothers Aegyptus follows, they are all supposed to have incestuous marriages so Danaus tells his daughters to kill their fiancé-brothers; all but one daughter kills her new husband on her father’s orders
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They are punished, have to fill water jars with wholes in them for all eternity—a common bronze age punishment to do something in the next world that is repetitive and lasts for eternity
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