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Fairy tales paper - In the three stories Hansel and Grethel...

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In the three stories, Hansel and Grethel, Cinderella, and Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, there are many reoccurring themes seen in most fairy tales and they all tend to follow the same trend. According to the article “Victim and Seekers” by Maria Tartar, there are many ideas of how these fairy tales all originated so similarly, and the two contrasting theories of monogenesis and polygenesis. The most logical thought would be that all the fairy tales have originated from the same place, but it is true that similar stories came from different countries and they had no contact whatsoever. I am going to support the polygenesis theory and show how these similar stories all were created to send a particular message and perhaps coincidence had led them to sound the same. Fairy tales aside, every book or movie could be considered the same based on the order of events and the characters of a story. There is always a protagonist, an antagonist (a villain), some sort of impartial helper, something being fought for, a hero and more times than not, a false hero. The stories begin describing happier times, and move on to a problem or a conflict, actions taken to prevent or fix this problem, and a solution with a message or a moral attached. We begin each of these stories, to find out that the biological mother has died and has been replaced by this abominable stepmother that each of the children examined cannot stand. “Nearly every sibling is a rival, and at least one parent is an ogre” (page 58). I feel this is the main theme throughout all three stories. We have Cinderella, with a terrifically horrible stepmother who will not let her go to the festival, and two step
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Fairy tales paper - In the three stories Hansel and Grethel...

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