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creationism is not science

creationism is not science - In Michael Ruse's...

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In Michael Ruse’s essay “Creation-Science is Not Science”, his argument defends his belief on why Creation-Science should not be taught in the public school system. Ruse has multiple premises that defend his conclusion, beginning with involving a search for order, and unbroken natural regularities. In simple terms, science is governed by laws. Another premise is using these laws to explain natural phenomena, and the explanation can further predict what the future holds. Ruse’s third premise is that testability, confirmation, and falsifiability must be represented and accounted for. Tentativeness is considered the fourth premise, and finally Ruse’s last premise depends on integrity and whether or not one is intellectually honest. A theory is scientific if and only if it demonstrates the following: 1. It involves a search for order, specifically, looking for unbroken, blind, natural regularities (laws). 2. It uses the laws to explain observed phenomena, and indicate it’s predictions. 3. It is falsifiable - it lays itself open to be checked against the real world, and to confirm whether it is true or not. 4. It is tentative – a theory must lend itself to new or counter-evidence, which could make for adjustments or disregarding of itself all together. Laws are a way to understand the empirical world, and understanding it by searching for an order to these regularities. Laws follow a set path. An
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explanation is how one tries to show why things are in fact the way that we have been observed, and how that specific explanation follows a law. On the
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creationism is not science - In Michael Ruse's...

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