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Melissa Halverson Lap Report 2 Denaturation by Detergent Introduction Enzymes are protein catalysts that speed up the rate that reactions happen. Detergents are synthetic washing agents that help to remove dirt and oil. However, some denature enzymes and thus reduces the effect that enzymes have on reaction rates. Detergent denatures proteins because detergents are non polar and this interrupts the polar regions of enzymes. When the polar and non polar regions interact it causes unfolding of the protein. When the protein becomes unfolded it does not work properly and is therefore denatured. The researchable question that was used in this experiment was, “Do detergents affect the rate of catalase activity?” The hypothesis was, “If you add detergent to a catalase, then catalase activity will be lowered.” Materials and Methods To test the hypothesis there was five different concentrations and test the catalase activity in each concentration. Using different concentrations will show if the amount of detergent heavily affects the enzyme or not. In the experiment the concentrations that were used were 2%, 1%, 0.2%, 0.1%, and 0%. When making the dilutions, bulk dilutions were made for all the concentrations. The first dilution that was made was the dilution of the detergent. The concentrations of detergent that were used were: 4%, 2%, 0.4 %, 0.2% and 0%. After making the detergent dilution, the detergent was then mixed with 6 milliliters of catalase for a total of 12 milliliters of bulk dilution. Each of the three replications had a total of three milliliters in the test tube, two milliliters of the bulk dilution and one milliliter of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide was added to the dilutions in the test tube before using logger pro to measure the rate
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enzyme lab report - Melissa Halverson Lap Report 2...

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