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HIST 125 Concert Analysis Essay Dispatch: Zimbabwe, a Once in a Lifetime Experience At the end of this summer, I went to a concert that made every concert I’ve attended since pale in comparison. In my quest to write a concert analysis, I have gone to several musical performances. After each one, I sat down to try to write about it with little success. All of the bands at fraternity houses or at Cat’s Cradle failed to produce a profound ethnographic experience that even came close to measuring up. So though it took place a few weeks before the start of the semester, the Dispatch: Zimbabwe concert seemed the only logical choice for this review. From the moment I heard about the concert, I knew that it would be a completely new and different experience. I was not one of the thousands of people who found out about the concert on, the primary medium through which the band advertised. I did not reload the Ticketmaster website over and over until the time when tickets went on sale, which only lasted a few minutes before they were sold out. I wasn’t one of the people who were delighted when Dispatch announced that they were adding another show, which also sold out in only minutes. I wasn’t even one of the people who were glad to have one more chance when the announcement came that there would be a third concert date added. In fact, I only heard about the concert when I was being offered a ticket, and my reaction was, “Dispatch… didn’t they break up years ago?” Indeed they had, however the situation in the southern African country of Zimbabwe was dire enough to induce this group of retired indie “jam band” musicians to reunite for a cause that was already very familiar to me. I have never been able to see where my mother, a Zimbabwean immigrant, grew up because the political turmoil and widespread AIDS epidemic make the journey extremely dangerous. The instant I found out that all proceeds from the concert 1
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would be going to the struggling people of Zimbabwe, the only question that remained was, “Where is it?” The answer to this question could have provided quite an obstacle. The concert would take place for three days exclusively at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Luckily, I was to be visiting relatives in Philadelphia that week, so I planned to hop on a train into the Big Apple. The craziest part about the whole thing is that I put so much effort into getting to this concert when in all honesty, I only knew a few Dispatch songs. Sure, I had heard others, but if I heard them I would not have known any of the words or even the titles. I just knew that I liked the genre of music and that I could not pass up this experience. In this sense, I was one of the many Americans that attend concerts more for the experience than for the music itself. As we ascended the stairs into Madison Square Garden, my friend turned to me and said,
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Concert Analysis - HIST 125 Concert Analysis Essay Dispatch...

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