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Blasting a Hole in a Comet: Take 2 Nasa.Gov 09/26/2007 Two years ago an 820 pound copper projectile was dropped onto comet Temple 1, by NASA’s Deep Impact Spacecraft. The result was an explosion that made headlines around the world. This is the effect exploding comets tend to have on people; however, no one knows what happens after the blast, including NASA. The goal of the Deep Impact was to blast a hole into Temple 1 to look inside the comet and give researchers their first view of a comets internal structure. The blast however created a cloud of dust eliminating the possibility to look into the crater.
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Unformatted text preview: NASA couldnt orbit the comet to view the hole after the dust cleared because the mission was designed to be a fast high speed flyby. NASA has sent out a new probe stardust to view the comet and it should be reached by 2011 where the cloud of dust should be gone and we will get a clear view of the comets crater. Stardust is a recycled probe being used to view Temple 1 which greatly decreases the cost of sending a new probe to view the comet. This also increases the budget allowing NASA to do more research on the comets internal structure....
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