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Staying a step ahead of the sun Nasa.Gov 08/17/06 12/features/F_Step_Ahead_of_the_Sun.html We all know that without the sun life on earth would not be possible. It provides us not only with light and heat but its energy also fuels the Earths weather and climate. NASA’s SOHO telescope has been able to give us an inside look at the sun since it was launched in 1995. The more we know about the sun and its conditions the more we can anticipate its harmful affects on the earth, such as solar storms which can cause power outages, disrupt radio signals and also danger astronauts with its radiation.
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Unformatted text preview: A solar storm is a solar wind filled with charged particles that are carried towards the earth and easily brake through its barriers. The sun is currently in a quite cycle of solar storms, but within the next couple of years scientist believe the storms will start to escalate. In the last 17 years SOHO and helped us make great strides in learning about the sun but it is almost in the end of its lifetime and should continue to monitor the sun into the next year when it will be retired and replaced by satellites such as the solar dynamics observatory....
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