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1 Critique Essay In “Affirmative Action: There’s a Third Way,” Richard Kahlenberg promotes Economic Affirmative Action over the more widely used approaches such as racial preference plans supported by democrats, and the “Top Ten Percent” plan supported by the bush administration. He contends that even though this economic plan is supported by two thirds of Americans it has unfortunately been over looked by most politicians. Kahlenberg then goes on to state why this plan is superior to the others and the benefits it would have if the college system were to use it. Kahlenberg does a great job at pointing out the current flaws universities face when using affirmative action. He recognizes the current problems in race-based student preferences for college admission and presents his solution to fix these problems. He states that the economic plan will create a great amount of diversity, and eliminate the current set-backs the other plans face. His argument is a very valid one, economic affirmative action presents many advantages the other two plans lack when it comes to providing diversity in our nations university campuses. I support kahlenberg’s claims and believe economic affirmative action should be taken into more consideration by our
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affirmitive action essay - 1 Critique Essay In"Affirmative...

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