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Paper 3. Option B. In America the average person views approximately three thousand advertisements in a single day. However, the majority of us feel we are not directly influenced by advertising. Advertisers not only affect our tastes, but also attempt to mold our aspirations so their products can become our greatest allies (Deadly Persuasion 01). People defending advertising simply state that it provides valuable information about products and services. Although advertising may seem unimportant to the average American, advertisements indorse negative values of materialism and consumption. Advertising altogether leaves the customer feeling unhappy and unsatisfied by persuading them into buying products they have no use for. People view advertisements as messages they can turn on and off, not allowing them to be instantly affected. This however, is the way the industry wants to reach out to us. They do not do it through the obvious message of “Buy me,” but through the façade of values they create, such as a gorgeous model having a good time, happily using their product (Advertising is Harmful). This gives the consumer the idea that if they buy such product then they will in fact be just as happy as the pretty model in the ad. This is only one of the many negative aspects of advertisement created by the media industry that sadly demoralizes American society. Products of all sorts are widely displayed through advertisements in the media
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advertisment - Paper 3. Option B. In America the average...

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