united way final - United way research project Dear Members...

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United way research project Dear Members of the board: America is currently facing the ongoing epidemic of a poverty crisis that is continuing to worsen in our society. In 2007 the rate of poverty has increased to its highest peak in the last thirty-two years with approximately sixteen million Americans living in severe poverty. The rate at which poverty is growing among U.S. families is at an all time high of fifty-six percent and the number of severely poor Americans increased by twenty-six percent alone from 2000 to 2005. Reason for this current increase in poverty can be given to the unusual economic expansion since the tragic events of 9/11. Although worker productivity has increased greatly since the recession in 2001, wages and job growths have continued to fall behind, thus leaving the average household income to decrease. This has caused nearly half of Americans poor population to fall deeply into poverty making the poverty problem the worst it has been since 1975 (Pugh, Tony). The problem of poverty does not only impact that of the working man, but also families and innocent children. In America alone there are over eight million families in poverty leaving approximately thirteen million children to live in poverty (Policy & Practice of Public Human Services). This only creates more problems, when underprivileged children do not have a proper upbringing living on the streets then they are more likely to turn to crime to help their situation. The hole of poverty can be very hard to dig out of and even harder if you have a family to support; however, there are government programs that help aid those in need such as welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies and the Earned Income Tax Credit, but these programs can only do so much to help pull a struggling family out of poverty. Much of a low income family’s money goes
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into paying for such necessities such as housing, daycare, and health care leaving the family almost stuck in poverty (Pugh, Tony.) With the poverty problem among American families at an all time high, deep measures need to be put into place to help fix the situation before it gets any worse. This is why I urge you, the Philo Farnsworth Foundation to consider making your endowment to the United Way Organization of America. The United Way Organization of America has been raising money for less
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united way final - United way research project Dear Members...

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