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bowling3 - I remembered switching shoes a lot when we...

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Past Bowling Experience Before college, I was never really a bowling person. I went bowling maybe once or twice every year. I was never really good. The only reason I would go was for special occasions. The last time I went bowling before college was quite a long time ago. My friends and I were bored one summer night. So we decided to go bowling. The price was cheaper after midnight. But we still had to pay for shoes. There were five of us. But we didn’t have enough money to buy shoes for all of us. So we got two pairs of bowling shoes. Three of us shared one pair, and the other two shared the other pair.
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Unformatted text preview: I remembered switching shoes a lot when we played. We played three games, but I don’t remember my scores. I just remember that they were low scores. In the middle of one of the games, I did something different in my approach. I palmed the ball and when I bowled, I made it hook a lot. It was funny because I got a strike. This is my second semester at SDSU. First semester, I got more into bowling because my friends all played. My friends were averaging in the 190s. The highest I remember was 110. It’s better than before. I know that. But in this class I want to learn how to become a better bowler....
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