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Midterm Review The midterm is scheduled for Wednesday October 24. The test is a combination of short answer, matching and brief essays (with most of the points received from the essays). Please read the following sample essay question: As part of a freshman year requirement it is mandated that you attend two intercultural events per semester. Describe potential barriers that may hinder your communication during these events. Also, describe steps you can take to avoid potential intercultural communication problems in the future. Below you will find the general make-up of the midterm exam. There are areas that have yet to be covered in class (nonverbal communication & Malcolm X), but will be discussed this week. You should have a good understanding of the book chapters and an even better understanding of the notes/discussions from class. I hear The Darjeeling Limited is a great movie and I’m on my way to the theater right now…sorry just making
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Unformatted text preview: sure you’re paying attention. We can discuss the midterm in class this week. Good luck.-DG • Communication Model: Components within the model • Communication & Culture: African Empires, Slave Trade, Abolitionist Movement, Civil Rights. • Informative Speaking: Psuedo Informative Message, Goodwill Informative Messages, Difference Between Persuasive and Informative Speaking • Definition of Culture: Enculturation-Younger Members, Acculturation, intercultural communication-reasons for importance, barriers, U-curve • Ethnocentrism continuum: Levels of ethnocentrism • Communication apprehension: Types • African American Vernacular English: Characteristics, Understanding of its development • Types of Non-verbal Communication • Delivery: Characteristics of good delivery • Misc-Malcolm X Video and Crooklyn (general themes from the two films)...
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