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BL Write Up 6 Tonicity - Thuy Nguyen Bio Lab 5A- 009 TA...

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Thuy Nguyen Bio Lab 5A- 009 TA Kai-Ti Lin 02.19.08 Lab 6 Properties of Biological Membranes Write-Up Q UESTION 1 How will exposure of RBC’s to solutions of different tonicity, either hypo-, iso-, or hypertonic, affect RBC volume? Hypothesis The exposure of RBC to solutions of different tonicity will affect the RBC volume. The volume of RBC will increase for a hypotonic solution, decrease for a hypertonic solution, and remain the same for an isotonic solution. Supporting Facts - The concentration of a solute that cannot cross the membrane is depends on the tonicity of a solution. (132) - For an animal cell, in an isotonic solution, when the water flows across the membrane at the same rate for both directions, then the volume of the cell will stay stable. (132) - In a hypertonic solution, when the cell loose water to its environment, the water will leave the cell, which lead to a decreasing in the cell’s volume. (132) - The water will tend to leave the cell when there are more solutes that are nonpenetrating in the surrounding solution because of the concentration gradient. (132) - In a hypotonic solution, the water from the surrounding will enter the cell much faster, which leads to an increase in the cell’s volume. (132)
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- When there are less nonpenetrating solutes in the surrounding solution, the water will tend to flow in the cell. (132) - Isotonic surrounding will help a cell without wall balance the amount of water gaining or
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BL Write Up 6 Tonicity - Thuy Nguyen Bio Lab 5A- 009 TA...

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