Music 101 Notes 3-10-08

Music 101 Notes 3-10-08 - o bass line that repeats over and...

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Opera terms - Libretto o Lyrics, often not written by the music composer - Librettist o Lyricist - recitative o the portions of opera that don’t really sound like song, sound like it is spoken; this is where all of the action/dialogue takes place - aria o the songs, where one or two characters step forward and sing about an emotion or idea, usually accompanied by orchestra o certain word or phrase repeated - opera seria o associated mainly with baroque era o all about intense emotions o virtuoso singers o stories were really dramatic, really tragic, and really long o life and death struggles o late 17 th century women were able to sing on stage, before then they used young boys o men’s roles were not necessarily sung by tenors and basses, they were sung by castrato - castrato (castrati) o man that was castrated at an early age, so voice never developed, so they had a high voice but still a lot of power behind it o today sometimes women sing these parts, sometimes men will sing in a falsetto voice - da capo aria o ABA - ground bass
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Unformatted text preview: o bass line that repeats over and over again Opera-drama in music, drama that is told through song-special effects and scenic designs Dido and Aeneas (1689) -composed by Henry Purcell (1659-1695)-based on Virgil’s Aeneid-love story between Dido (Queen of Carthage) and Aeneas (prince from Troy)-Aeneas leaves to continue on travels, Dido dies from lovesickness Baroque Era-about 1600-1750-“baroque”- irregular in jeweler’s term; ornamented in music (so enlightenment is a contrast to this era because it is about natural simplicity)-Opera is the popular genre of the era, and continues to be popular until the nineteenth century George Frederic Handel (1685-1759)-German-Composed Julius Caesar (1724) o Characters Caesar Pompey, loses to Caesar Ptolemy, used to be supporter of Pompey Cleopatra, sister of Ptolemy, has the hots for Caesar Sextus, Pompey and Cornelia’s son Cornelia, Pompey’s wife...
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Music 101 Notes 3-10-08 - o bass line that repeats over and...

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