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Description as a rhetorical tool - Folts 1 Derek Folts CLAR...

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Folts 1 Derek Folts CLAR 110-06 Ms. Kara Manning September, 2, 2007 My Criticism of “A Fable for Tomorrow” Descriptive essays are one of the most influential essays someone can write. In an excerpt from the story “A Fable for Tomorrow” by Rachel Carlson, many examples of description are presented to the reader. Miss Carlson uses the three rhetorical elements throughout her essay to help present her point and use description. I feel she did a great job of incorporating logos, ethos, and pathos throughout. She gets a good blend of each of these elements and descriptive writing to make a very persuasive essay. When looking at this essay I see some good examples of pathos that Rachel Carlson uses. Her use of pathos does a great job connecting with the descriptions she uses. The first line of the essay, “There was once a town in the heart of America where all life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings.” was a great start to her description. (Carlson) This line plays to the emotions because in the very first sentence she’s already making the town sound like this beautiful place in the United States. It’s as if there’s a perfectly parallel connection between the humans and nature. When she talks about it being in the heart of America she means a few things. One, she wants you to feel like it’s a town that everyone knows or has heard of, that this place is well know and loved. Secondly I feel that she wants the readers to think this is a small town with anything you’d ever need in it and the people are good down to earth people when you read the bit about Heart of America. Then she goes directly to “where all life seemed to
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Description as a rhetorical tool - Folts 1 Derek Folts CLAR...

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