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hist of rock assign3 - Byrds and Simon and Garfunkel Folk...

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Page 184 6. The Stone’s music had more of a Blues influence with an arrangement that sounded loose and prominently featured the slide guitar, while the Beatle’s were more tightly arranged and focused on the vocals more. The Beatle’s used AABA forms as found in Brill Building pop, and the Stone’s preferred contrasting verse-chorus form found in much of Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly’s music. The Stone’s had a rock music bad boy look, wearing scruffy clothing, long hair and they had rebellious attitudes that shocked adults. The Beatle’s had a nice clean guy image. Page 215 1. Bob Dylan first started the movement towards Folk Rock. He took his folk music lyrics and added electric instruments to it. This caused uproar in the Folk circle, with the older members saying that Dylan had sold out to pop. Dylan held the first number one Folk Rock international single. After Dylan, many young folk artists followed suit such as the
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Unformatted text preview: Byrds and Simon and Garfunkel. Folk Rock used the same rhythmic feel that American pop used. The music brought together folk revival, girl groups, surf music and with the use of the electric twelve-string inspired by A Hard Day’s Night , the British invasion as well. 2. Dylan originally followed the natural way of folk lyric writing, by rewriting, reworking or adapting older music. He would add new lyrics that chronicled social injustice. Later Dylan became increasingly focused on his own feelings and attempts to understand the world, however, prompting some in the folk world to observe that he had a tendency to replace the “we” in fold with “me.” Dylan also crafted his lyrics with the painstaking aesthetic attitude more common among poets than folksingers. Dylan’s changes were not taking well in the Folk music circle. Traditionalists felt betrayed and that Dylan had sold out to pop....
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