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Nonformality | The power of money Posted by Andreas Karsten on June 29, 2006 in Participation , power and power relations | No Comments When the findings of the OECD [1] “Programme for International Student Assessment” PISA [2] gained public attention in 2001 and much more intensively in 2003, many politicians in unison with most of mainstream media and along with some scientists expressed unanimous surprise at the clearly documented relation between the socio- economic status of families and the educational performance of their children. Personally, I have neither been a politician nor a journalist nor a scientist in 2001; so possibly I am failing to have the right background to understand the continued public gasps of irritation and disbelief. “Welcome to a Europe of classes” On the other hand I simply cannot imagine how, to give you but one example, the permanent ghettoisation of immigrants in no-go-areas of suburbia could have no or little effect on the learning of anyone. It is quite striking how powerfully PISA (and a good amount of research well before PISA-times) has shown that educational achievement is so highly sensitive to the initial socio-economic conditions of students - one of the characteristics of complex systems. And it is similarily eye-catching that those countries where the social background plays little or no role in relation to educational success, are exactly the countries which have chosen to balance inequality. One example is Finland, where every student is entitled to financial support from the state - thus
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social class for english multi-media - Nonformality |

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