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Marxism Continued I Questions Left A What if instead of a revolutionary, man just wants his life better? 1 Just better life 2 Trade union consciousness 3 What should revolutionists do? a Teach them revolutionary consciousness Yes, Elevate their minds b True Marxists No get it from material circumstance B What form should revolution take? 1 Violent 2 Kills factories 3 Marxists realize people can’t just destroy and go back to primitive state C What form would New States Take OR Would there be no state? 1 There would be no state a No ruling state 2 How much elapsed time? a Dictatorship b Will bourgeoisie go quietly? D Role of the Party? 1 Advocate for revolution 2 Cooperate with state II Socialists A Edward Bernstein 1 German Theologist 1899 2 Evolutionary Socialists a Yes Revolution b Work for gradual reforms to improve the worker’s lives 3 Social Democracies a Party based on Berstein’s concept 4 Trade Unions a Also followed reform minded approach b Rejected by ‘True Marxists’ or ‘True Revolutionists’ 5 Radical vs. Reform B Problems 1 Resillent Capitalism 2 Workers got better off 3 Bernstein method worked a Social welfare system b Improvement of working conditions Russia I International Associations A 1864- 1 st Male Association B 1884 – 2 nd international
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1 1904 a split on debate over revolution or reform condemned reformism based self on class struggle b split reform vs. radical critical impact on Germany II Russia A Condition 1 No legal rights 2 Run by Tsar 3 Oppressive government system B Vladimir Lenin 1 Intellectual and trained as lawyer 2 One of many who wrote what Russian Social Democrats should do a Went against Berstein’s Germany
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notes - Marxism Continued I Questions Left A What if...

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