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spinoza in fight club paper - Wood 1 Lindsay Wood History...

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Wood 1 Lindsay Wood History of Western Philosophy II Prof. Borradori 3 March 2008 Stop Fighting Emotions – Self-awareness and Spinoza Baruch Spinoza’s philosophical goal was to “improve the character of human beings […] by improving their self-understanding” (Garret 267). Spinoza suggests that individuals must come to terms with their own pasts and their own natures in order to live the happiest life, most free of delusions and bitterness. The film Fight Club , directed by David Fincher, presents the struggle of a man to know and like himself in a world that subdues his individuality. The narrator finally reaches self-knowledge and contentment through the exploration of his emotions and how they connect him to the people around him. At the beginning of Fight Club , the narrator is unhappy, disenchanted, and fundamentally disconnected from the world around him. He is so emotionally dead that he cannot sleep and fills his emotional void by purchasing unnecessary furniture. Jack begs for drugs to defeat his insomnia, but his doctor instead suggests he go to self-help groups to see what “real” pain looks like. Although cynical about the therapy groups initially, the narrator finds himself unleashing torrents of emotion at his first meeting and thereafter becomes a regular at several different support groups. He feels more content and can finally sleep again. These sessions not only bring him in touch with his emotions, which he had been denying systematically, but also bring him into contact with other people and break him out of his isolation. Spinoza also suggests that
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spinoza in fight club paper - Wood 1 Lindsay Wood History...

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