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Robin Hood Paper - My guess would be that Robin Hoods Merry...

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Joe Purnell 02/27/08 Robin Hood Assignment Robin and his Merry Men don’t know whether to free King Richard from prison to get a pardon to be safe, or not to. The risk of attempting this jailbreak lies in the possibility of failure, in which case John would burn down Sherwood for revenge. The other problem Robin must face is whether he should continue to rob the rich and give to the poor or not. Some of the environmental issues that may prove to be an issue for Robin Hood would be inclement weather. In the event that there is harsh rain or wind the rich men may decide not to travel that night, in which case their schedule will change and it might not allow proper timing for Robin Hood to rob them. Robin is considering taking a transit tax from anyone traveling through the forest. I think another possibility would be to relocate to another area and rob their rich for a short period of time where the rich are a lot less cautious while traveling because they think they are safe due to their distance from Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
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Unformatted text preview: My guess would be that Robin Hoods Merry Men would be upset and claim that they need to take care of their land and stand their ground. I believe they may see this particular route as a cowardly way to solve the problem and avoid any problems. I would impose a transit tax as originally suggested for anyone using the roads. If you cover all the main roads in the woods travelers would have no choice but to pay your tax. Also, because you are already familiar with the individuals in the area and their level of wealth, the tax can change on a case by case basis, varying depending on the wealth of the individual. While this may seem immoral because there are no set limits and it is defined by the Merry Men as the day goes on, this is slightly more sensible than just Joe Purnell 02/27/08 Robin Hood Assignment stealing from all the reach people. Regardless they are still essentially stealing and are just looking for an alternate way to do so....
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Robin Hood Paper - My guess would be that Robin Hoods Merry...

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