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Ms. Meuwissen Independent Reading November 22th , 2010 Man of La Mancha SOAPSTone Speaker:Cervantes tells the story about Don Quixote. Cervantes understand how to read so he provides some education to play two roles in a play. Cervantes gender projects a man. Cervantes changes into Don Quixote on stage. Cervantes’s class qualifies as a prisoner because he acting for his fellow prisoners: “… Wasserman set his play in a Spanish prison, where Cervantes and his fellow prisoners act out scenes from Don Quixote.” (Wasserman 1057) Because Cervantes also plays Don Quixote, Cervantes age reflects a fifty year old man with a lean, gaunt face. Cervantes interest in acting causes him to play both of the main roles in the play. Occasion:The play circles around the day Cervantes and his inmates’ acts out scenes from Don Quixote which gets turned into a musical play by Dale Wasserman. The scene of the play portrays a prison with a stage surrounded by prisoners watching the play: “The prisoners giggle appreciatively as the transformation of Cervantes into Don Quixote takes place before their eyes.” (Wasserman 1057) The reason a musical play states the occasion of the events because the title of the story states that this event a musical play by Dale Wasserman. Dale Wasserman only wrote this musical play for a prison because a professional actor wouldn’t change character on stage like Cervantes. Audience:The musical play, based in a prison, show that the prisoners as the immediate audience. Any actor playing out the play and the people who watch the play qualifies as an audience as well. Plays never show a play once, so more people would see the play then just the
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