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Ms. Meuwissen Independent Reading November 22th , 2010 Don Quixote SOAPSTone Speaker:The narrator talks about a gentleman who lives in La Mancha, a high, flat, barren region in central Spain, as the character in the story. The gentleman loves reading books about chivalry. The gentleman hold the name Quejana, but the name Quejana only make sense due to the hero name he choose, Don Quixote. Don Quixiote’s age appears close to fifty and looks lean and gaunt facial structure. Don Quejana infatuation with chivalry makes him into a knight-errant. Don Quixote names his horse Rocinante. Before choosing to wander around the country as a knight he loses his mind. He believes the chivalry books he reads real happened. He hopes in his wandering he would find a giant, like Morgante, he could slay and grow his fame and honor in his town. Occasion:The choice of Quejana to attempt to presume the challenge of a knight-errant shows the occasion. La Mancha refers to the place Don Queana lives and starts his new career. The story describes why Don Queana chooses to presume the career of a knight-errant and the journey he goes on to looks for wealth and honor. The timeline of the story goes over a couple of weeks from when Don Quixote starts to build his armor till he strikes a windmill. The time period centers around the middle ages because kings still rule the world and knights still exist. The description breaks into two parts, the first part of the first chapter and the seventh and eighth part of the first chapter. The first part to the chapter shows why Don Quixote wants to wander Spain as a knight and the seventh and eighth part of the chapter gives Don Quixote a fake enemy.
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