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BUSH SUPPORTED!!!!!! Sci teachers against reading statement that said darwin’s just a theory, so asst super attendant read it 6 school board membs quit 11 parents sued, with ACLU on their side Judge Jones appointed by Santorum, and approved by bush Mathtew Chapman, areporter on it, was darwin’s great great g’son Something was found that’s a transitional fossil – flat head (eyes on top), tiktaalik. Fins and
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Unformatted text preview: scales. Joints similar to other amphibians !! we only have 23 pr chromosomes, not 24, like all monkeys. Where’d it go? Did two fuse? YES! Chr. #2 fused – it’s got the whosis at the ends AND its middle 8 of nine board members quit/resigned, so that’s a topic in the vote now. One science teacher campaigned...
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