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Martha Graham Dance Company - Tamar Godel Dance in Human...

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Tamar Godel 12/2/07 Dance in Human Society Professor Coward-Gilmore On Friday, November 11 th , The Martha Graham Dance Company had a performance from it’s 80 th anniversary season in the Zellerbach Theatre at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. They were guest artists there from November 8 th through November 10 th . I went with a family I babysit for as part of the educational program. This was nice, as this particular performance (Friday morning) is only open to school groups or the Home School association (the kids are homeschooled). This was an especially good venue for this type of performance – the stage is raised above the level of the closest seats, but the rest of the seats angle up, reminiscent of an ancient Roman or Greek amphitheater. This allowed everybody to see – little kids over adults’ heads, and vice versa, as well as giving a taste of the untraditional. This group did something different from all the other groups – they included a multimedia presentation. This meant that before, after and in between dances, the Artistic Director Janet Eilber gave a bit of the history of the dance troupe, and of Martha Graham herself. There were many pictures (projected onto a screen at the rear of the stage) and a few video clips.
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Martha Graham Dance Company - Tamar Godel Dance in Human...

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