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Tamar Godel Observations of October 8, 2007 On Monday, October 8 th , the class explored ballet. They were taught a short floor routine, and practiced it many times over. They did it first as a whole group, then to music, and then to music in two halves with some additional performance choreography as well. Although in the beginning the class seemed a little clueless, and (aside from the students who had studied dance previously) were lagging behind the instructor and sometimes missing entire sections, by the end the class moved mostly as a group, and was doing a much better job and looked better. All of the dance steps were given in French, which was very confusing to many students. Most had to rely on what they saw, not what they heard, to help them with what they were supposed to be doing. By the end of the class, though, the class discovered that there were some words they recognized. A promenade was where the students stood on one foot with the other
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Unformatted text preview: stretched behind them and both arms out and spun slowly in a full circle on the one food. Although promenade literally means “to walk”, this move originated from medieval balls and dances where the promenade was a chance for a couple to show off their outfit and social status. Another word the students learned was the (no idea how to spell this one, Professor) sow-tay, which was just a hop. Toward the end of the class the students tried a bit of partner work, where the pair turned in a circle, and then the man held the woman as she first leaned way over and lifted one leg high in the air, and again as she leaned very far to the side. This involved a lot of trust on the part of the women. I have always been fascinated by ballet, and this was a movement worshop I sorely regret not participating in. Isincerely hope I get another chance to sample ballet dancing in another movement workshop....
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