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I really enjoyed this tale; it was so interesting seeing how the same story changed when different layers were added to it; a perfect example of different perspectives and valid sources. I still have a few remaining questions, though. First, what cause did the husband have for thinking his wife unfaithful? It seems from the son's statement that he was prone to jealousy (". whom he was passionately attached with what I now know to have been a jealous and exacting devotion."), but that makes me wonder if he tended toward random checks of her faithfulness, or if this was a one-time thing. Second, who was the other man? All three main characters mention the intruder, although
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Unformatted text preview: Joel Jr. only knows what his father had told him. If, as Joel Jr. recounts, "Nothing had been taken from the house," and he wasn't the killer, as we know from both parents' accounts, who was this man the father chased? Could he have been a mirage, a sprite or ghost? For, according to Joel Jr., not only did the servants hear nothing, but “excepting those terrible finger marks upon the dead woman's … no trace of the assassin was ever found.” And as we know that the finger marks were the father’s, it seems more and more possible that the ‘intruder’ never existed in the first place....
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