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Exploratory Paper - Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor Brindsmaid...

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Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor Brindsmaid English 1102 19 March 2008 Exploratory Paper Eli Neiberger and Matt Gullett’s article “Out of the Basement: The Social Side of Gaming” defines the stereotypical gamer and discusses how gaming is a positive social activity that is a good medium for learning. First the authors explain how the competition created while video gaming is a positive social activity. It allows gamers whether they win or lose an opportunity to share knowledge. Not only can the winner win, but the winner can explain how they won which the aiuthors explain is a “life lesson”(Neiberger & Gullett 34). They continue by explaining the social aspect of a gaming tournament. Tournaments are able to foster new friendships and strengthen old ones as well as promote conflict resolution when they arise. Coming together for a “common interest” in a gaming tournament forces people to work together. They also describe how video games bring together different people that usually would not mix(Neiberger & Gullett 35). Not only do different races or classes work together while gaming but people of varying ages can interact. These interactions allow for greater respect for the participants from each group that would normally not interact. Then they claim that video games encourage creativity and game play is the “best kind of learning”. Numerous learning opportunities open up when gamers try to make their own games. These gamers usually seek help from other gamers which further enforces the idea that gaming is a team effort. The authors explain that not only do games socially enhance the lives of gamers but they also build skills used in the real world(Neiberger & Gullett 36). Having gaming tournaments also gives the ones
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Pryor 2 holding the tournament assess to the gaming world that would otherwise be closed to them(Neiberger & Gullett 37). This article provides evidence that there is more to gaming and gamers than the stereotype. Gaming offers positive social interaction as well as an enjoyable way to learn. The authors of “Out of the Basement: The Social Side of Gaming” define the stereotypical gamer as a teenage boy in a basement “all alone and completely antisocial, shutting out the world(Neiberger & Gullett 34).” Then the authors present ideas that explain how gaming is not anti-social or a negative practice in society. While this definition makes it seem that gamers are the outcasts of society, the support the authors use to show how gamers are not anti- social represent valuable lessons people in general must have to function in society. Gamers gain
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