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Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor John Wells Engl 1101 G5 The Notebook The film The Notebook follows the span of a relationship from its beginning through its ups and downs until its eventual end. With its down to earth characters, it allows the audience to step into the characters’ shoes letting everyone experience the love they wish they could have. This signifier represents the cliché that love conquers all. By signifying this cliché, The Notebook reinforces the status quo that family is the gage of happiness or success by encouraging the audience to define themselves by the people around them rather than themselves as an individual. The Notebook begins by introducing Allie and Noah to each other. They spend a summer together in which they are inseparable. Then Allie’s parents find out about their relationship, and they try to convince Allie to end it. He is only a worker at a lumberyard, and they believe he is not good enough for her. When Allie refuses to end her relationship, her parents force her to return to Charleston. With no response to the letters he writes to Allie, Noah decides to join the army with his friend. After returning from the war, Noah restores a house that he had promised to restore for Allie. She spends several days with him in the house, but finally she has to make a choice between her fiancé and Noah. We find out his choice by Allie in the nursing home. Noah read the entire story to her because she has Alzheimers. After realizing her identity, Noah and Allie die together. The Notebook successfully sugar coats people’s idea of relationships. It is able to show love’s ability to last through obstacles that are still present today but much less
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Pryor 2 drastic. The setting of the movie is the main obstacle for these two lovers. Allie lives in Charleston and Noah lives in Seabrook during the 1940’s. This introduces the complications of distance, issues of social class, and time spent apart. During that time period, distance was a bigger issue for relationships because of the lack of fast communication. It was also frowned upon to marry below your social status because it was assumed you would never be able to regain that status. Though some people choose these days to marry for money, there is a lot greater amount of social mobility because of the greater accessibility to higher education. Even though these obstacles were extremely influential during this time period, none of them seemed to get in the way of this relationship that was on hold for seven years. No matter what happens the audience knows that the love Allie and Noah share will endure through anything, and they will be together which shows that the conclusion of the story is not based on the story’s syntagmatic chain.
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notebook - Pryor 1 Miranda Pryor John Wells Engl 1101 G5...

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