Midterm2_ Review - GEO 1123 Introduction to Earth Systems...

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GEO 1123 Introduction to Earth Systems Review Topics II These are the main topics that will be covered in the midterm, although it is not a comprehensive list. The exam will mainly be multiple choice and perhaps a few yes/no answer questions. You will need a Parscore form with 50 questions each side. I strongly advise you to go back to the lectures and reacquaint yourself with the material. If you have a question, do not hesitate to email me through WebCT. Metamorphic rocks At what rate does temperature increase in the Earth’s crust? (~30ºC/km) what about pressure? (atmospheric pressure = 1 bar, P in the Earth increases 1000 bars/ 3 km) What is a metamorphic rock? (heat & pressure cause new mineral growth; but why do new minerals grow?) How are metamorphic rocks classified? (appearance: banding vs. foliation; also what is the original rock? igneous or sedimentary) what is a foliation? How do temperature and pressure conditions vary in tectonic environments such as subduction zones (high P, low T), vs. mountain belts (med P, med–high T) Don’t worry about learning the metamorphic facies Sedimentary Rocks what is a sedimentary rock? what is the difference between a clastic and a chemical sedimentary rock? How do they form? (requires weathering, erosion, deposition and lithification ; make sure you know what each of these terms means) what are the different types of sedimentary rock, and what varies between them? (grainsize)
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Midterm2_ Review - GEO 1123 Introduction to Earth Systems...

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