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Exam 3 Internation Terrorism Study Aid - explains terrorist

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Chapter 14: The Issue of the Media Section 1: How involved are the Media? (A Controversial Issue) -Terrorism has been done successfully without the media in history. -The “media” is an issue concerning “open” societies (non-totalitarian, freedom of press) -The media is open-ended. -Public uses media as scapegoat -Arguments (Probably going to be on exam) 1) Does the media increase the impact of terrorism? (True) – To some extent, by generating more fear and public awareness. 2) The media propagates the presence of obscure groups. - As we seek answers to terrorist attacks, more specifically, the ones involved, it increases the awareness of that terrorist organization. 3) The media highlights what little the government is doing to combat terrorism. 4) The media highlights the success of terrorism. 5) The media
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Unformatted text preview: explains terrorist grievances.-Public asks why this is happening leads to awareness of terrorist grievances. 6) The media analyzes the situation and keeps a focus on terrorist events.-They examine effects of actions ripple effects. 7) The media becomes participants in acts of terrorism (FALSE AND TRUE)-Sometimes a terrorist group may invite a media representative to film attack. 8) The media gets in the way of law enforcement agencies. 9) The media dramaticizes events. 10) The medias reporting leads to imitation of terrorist actions. (It encourages an increase in violent activity) 11) The media places inappropriate pressure on the government. -(Though it may be beneficial in the long run.) 12) The media speculates.- Opens discussion to event interpretation....
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