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Community Psychology: EXAM 1 study Guide pg. 1 Clinical Psych: Focus on the individual Homelessness (p.7): most commonly thought reason: drugs, mental illness (something wrong with person) -mostly male but most women and children too -could be due to lack of affordable housing ELAINE & DEPRESSION: (p.7-8) How would her case have been handled from an individualistic perspective? What was done by the community psychologists who helped her? -The community health center gave counseling, medication, financial counseling; son taught mom to drive CONTEXT: the encapsulating environments within which a person lives (ex: family, school, etc.) CONTEXT MINIMIZATION ERROR : discounts environment; leads to psych theories & research findings that are flawed or hold true in limited circumstances FUNDAMENTAL ATTRIBUTION ERROR : reasons internal; the tendency of people watching an actor to overestimate the importance of the actor’s characteristics & underestimate the importance of situational factors FIRST-0RDER CHANGE : Changing the individuals in a setting to attempt to fix a problem; alters, rearranges, or replaces the individual members of the group; (ex: CPS fired teachers where students had bad grades) SECOND-0RDER CHANGE : changes the relationships of power among individuals, esp. by changing shared goals, roles, rules, and power relationships; Attending to systems and structures involved with the problem to adjust the person-environment fit. (ex: solution to bad grades may be more dialogue b/w teachers and students, etc.) EXAMPLE: consider homelessness; A
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PSCH231EXAM1STUDYGUIDE - Community Psychology EXAM 1 study...

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