Terms Test 1 - Spanish History Terms: Test 1 1. Hispania:...

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Spanish History Terms: Test 1 1. Hispania: the name given by the Romans to the whole of the Iberian peninsula 2. Visigothic Spain: fifth through eighth centuries; conquered by Muslims 3. Muslim conquest: in 711, Muslim Arabs invaded Spain and conquered much of the southern area of the country 4. convivencia : a period of coexistence between Jews, Muslims, and Christians during the Muslim occupation of Spain 5. caliphate of Cordoba: a city of 100,000, one of the largest in Europe; a city of toleration with Christians, Jews, and Muslims living and working together 6. Ptolemy, Geography : book that influenced Columbus to believe he could sail west to reach China 7. King John II of Portugal: refused to support Columbus 8. dead reckoning: the process of estimating one's current position based upon a previously determined position 9. astrolabe: assisted mariners in finding direction 10. Treaty of Tordesillas: divided the newly discovered lands in the New World between Spain and Portugal 11. Hispaniola: the island on which Columbus first arrived in America; focus of Spanish presence from 1492-1519 12. encomienda : instituted by Columbus on Hispaniola to organize land and slave trade; Spaniards were given slaves to work land that still belonged to the crown; in return, they were required to pay natives a wage and to instruct them in Christianity 13. Aztecs: pre-Columbian civilization in Central America 14. Tenochtitlan: the economic, political, and military center of the Aztec empire 15. Moctezuma: the king of the Aztecs at the time of its conquest 16. New Fire Ceremony: designed to forestall the apocalypse; a great ceremony followed by human sacrifice 17. mita: rotational labor system; form of tribute in the Inca empire 18. Aguilar: a shipwrecked Spaniard who comes in contact with Hernan Cortes, and serves as a translator between the Spaniards and the Mayans 19. La Malinche: a native given to Cortes by a conquered tribe; speaks Mayan and Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs 20. Mexica:
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Terms Test 1 - Spanish History Terms: Test 1 1. Hispania:...

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