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Exam 1 Review - Sociology Exam 1 Review Race Race according...

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Sociology Exam 1 Review Race Race according to the US government: a socially constructed label that uses physical features such as skin color and facial features as highly visible markers of organizational, behavioral, and cultural differences among individuals Social Construction of Race: the more visible the characteristics of an ethnic group, the more likely the group will be treated differently Ethnicity: a socially constructed conception of a subpopulation of individuals who are perceived to reveal shared historical experiences as well as unique organizational, behavioral, and cultural characteristics Ethnic Group: a group labeled as being a particular ethnicity; they reveal a unique history as well as distinctive behavioral, organizational, and cultural characteristics, and, as a result, they are often treated differently than others Situational Ethnicity: people of multiracial identity may choose to assert or not reveal an aspect of their identity/ heritage in particular situations Symbolic Ethnicity: ethnic identity only retained for symbolic purposes; members of a group assimilate into larger culture and only participate in ethnic customs on symbolic occasions Minority Group: an ethnic subpopulation in a society subject to discrimination by members of more powerful ethnic subpopulations. Usually the subordinate population is the numerical minority and the dominant group is the numerical minority Prejudice: a negative attitude toward an entire category of people, such as an ethnic or racial minority; a set of beliefs or stereotypes about a category of people Discrimination: behavior that excludes all members of a group from certain rights, opportunities, or privileges Merton’s Typology (see graph) Types of Discrimination Genocide: most intense; attempt to eliminate an entire ethnic subgroup Expulsion: expelling members of an ethnic subgroup from a population; usually forced Segregation: spatially isolation of members of a group and denial of equal access to resources to them Exclusion: pattern of discrimination that denies certain positions to members of ethnic groups Abusive practices: patterns of action against victims of discrimination by other ethnic groups,
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Exam 1 Review - Sociology Exam 1 Review Race Race according...

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