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( p 86-93) Name Nicole Formisano Section 4 Lab Partners Dina Yang Objectives 1. To develop skills in using D-Log H curves to determine the effects of varying film exposure and development on negative contrast. 2. To develop skills in selecting the correct grade of printing paper for negatives that vary in contrast. 3. To develop skills in visualizing print quality for negatives that vary in density and contras. Required 1. A family of film characteristic curves (see page 3) 2. Straight ruler, calculator, colored pencils Part I – Analyzing the Negatives The arrows at the bottom of the accompanying set of D-Log H film curves represent the log exposures of shadow and highlight areas for film exposed in a camera. The circled points on the 6-minute development curve show the placement of the shadow and highlight on the film curve and the arrows on the left side show the corresponding densities on the negative. The Density Range (TNC) is found by subtracting the shadow density (Ds) from the highlight density (DH), for example, 1.30 – 0.20 = 1.10. The table below indicates that with a diffusion enlarger, a number 2 grade printing paper is recommended for this negative. Paper Grade TNC 0 1.41 – 1.60 1 1.15 – 1.40 2 0.95 – 1.14 3 0.80 – 0.94 4 0.65 – 0.79 5 0.50 – 0.64 Mark the positions of the highlights and shadows for negatives 2 through 9 on the curves, using circles for the normally-exposed (N) negatives, vertical marks for the two-stops-underexposed (1/4 N) negatives, and horizontal marks
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ExposureDevelopmentLab - M&P Workshop...

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