Lab 6 Write-Up - MEMORANDUM Date: Apr. 20, 2007 To: Sei...

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MEMORANDUM Date: Apr. 20, 2007 To: Sei Young Lee From: Aaron Parks, Case Gornstein, Katie Zimmerman, Scott Rucker Re: Lift and Drag of an NACA 4412 Wing Section Procedures By placing an NACA 4412 airfoil mounted on an instrumented strut in a wind tunnel, lift and drag forces were directly measured at two different velocities: 16 meters per second and 32 meters per second. The lift and drag were measured using the pressure transducer calibrated for lift using the equation lift=10.486*(x-2*(offset of lift)) where the offset for lift is 0.0035. For drag, the equation drag= -9.5639*(x-2*(offset of drag)) where the offset of drag is -0.002. The distribution of the lift coefficient and the drag coefficient were determined by varying the angle of attack from -8 to 24 degrees in 4 degree increments. To verify the repeatability of our measurements, a second measurement was taken at 4 degrees, which was compared with the first reading at 4 degrees. During the experiment, the tufts on top of the airfoil were also observed so that the angle at which separation occurred could be identified. Results Because the sting support that was attached to the NACA 4412 airfoil interfered with the air flow, a correction must be made to account for the drag caused by the sting support. The equation to correct this problem, is D sting = (3.79E-04) V 2 -1.05E-02 (which gives the result in Newtons). The actual drag on the airfoil itself can be determined by subtracting the calculated drag on the sting from the drag measured in the experiment. The concept of subtracting off the sting drag from the measured drag to acquire the drag on the airfoil makes sense. However, one cannot determine whether or not this exact formula is correct from our experiment, but it does
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Lab 6 Write-Up - MEMORANDUM Date: Apr. 20, 2007 To: Sei...

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