Lab 2 for Aaron - MEMORANDUM Date: Feb. 16, 2007 To: Sei...

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MEMORANDUM Date: Feb. 16, 2007 To: Sei Young Lee From: Katie Zimmerman, Case Gornstein, Aaron Parks, and Scott Rucker Re: Flow visualization Description of measurement technique To visualize flow with the water table, fresh water was used so that the opaque dye would stand out better in the photographs taken. Three different objects (a cylinder, a block, and an airfoil) were tested at various angles and positions with the dye to find out which shapes provided the best illustration of fluid movement. The dye was best seen when injected upstream using a wash bottle so that more dye was visible without changing the flow. The separation regions could thus be observed easily. Once this was completed, the separation region was injected with dye using the syringe so that it could be seen clearly. Next, a wind tunnel was used to visualize the flow of air over an airfoil. The airfoil had strings attached on the top to reveal separation regions. As the wind flows over the airfoil, at certain angles the flow separates from the foil causing the tufts to flap randomly at the point of separation. After this, smoke was passed over the airfoil to demonstrate how streak lines flowed around it. To achieve this, vaporized mineral oil was inserted upstream of the airflow to help display the reaction of the wind's motion to the airfoil. With both the tuft and smoke visualizations we varied the angle of the airfoil starting from the horizontal until significant activity was observed. The final flow visualization technique used was the observation of hydrogen bubbles flowing in water, passing through a wing and a rectangular block. In order to attain the best possible picture for the hydrogen bubbles, the lights were turned off, and the dial marked “Frequency” was adjusted until hydrogen bubbles were adequately visible. Getting proper lighting and position to
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Lab 2 for Aaron - MEMORANDUM Date: Feb. 16, 2007 To: Sei...

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