bach - November 30, 2007 Music History I Research Paper...

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November 30, 2007 Music History I – Research Paper Johann Sebastian Bach It is no coincidence that if someone in our present day is asked to list some famous composers it is almost a guarantee that they will mention Bach. Few other composers have hundreds of their composition survive to this day. Many of his compositions are still regularly performed. His music has influenced music education by several of his pieces being in the Suzuki music method and countless collections of his chorales which are used by countless wind ensembles. It is truly remarkable that Johann Sebastian Bach was able to overcome such a difficult start in his life and develop compositional techniques that eventually would perpetually change music. Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in what is now East Germany. He was the youngest son of Ambrosius Bach and Elisabeth Lämmerhit. Nothing is certain, but it is assumed that his father, who was a violinist, presumably taught Johann Sebastian to play the violin as well as giving him other musical instructions. This time period was a generation after the conclusion of the Thirty Years War, which was the most devastating conflict to ever hit Germany. Thankfully, by Bach’s birth Germany and made significant strides towards recovery. Every effort had been made to repopulate Germany including placing taxes on unmarried women and even adopting a resolution which permitted husbands to take two wives, although that was quickly abandoned. The arts in Germany had also been repressed as well, but those effects had also subsided. Music was becoming much more widespread after being driven from the courts of Princes who were busily engaged in fighting. Although, the music had continued in liturgical
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bach - November 30, 2007 Music History I Research Paper...

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