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OCEAN 6 WATER & OCEAN STRUCTURE aphotic/photic zone – Aphotic: dark ocean below the depth to which light can penetrate. PG 173 PHOTIC: Thin film of lightened water at the top of the world ocean. Rarely extends deeper than 200m. This layer is where production of food by photosynthetic marine organisms takes place. Water is heated, heat goes from ocean to atmosphere & space while gases are exchanged w/atmosphere. Most of oceans life is find here. PG 172-3 Water Mass – Body of water w/temperature & salinity & density. Pycnocline isolates 80% of world oceans water from 20% dealing w/surface circulation. PG 170 Scattering – Dispersion/bounce of sound/light waves when they hit particles suspended in water or air. # of scatters depend on number/size/composition of particles. PG 172 182 Absorption – Conversion of sound/light energy into heat. When light is absorbed molecules vibrate & the lights electromagnetic energy is converted to heat. Absorption of sound: higher frequencies absorb sooner. PG 172 173-4 182 205
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