OCean 7 - OCEAN 7 OCEAN CHEMISTRY Acid – A substance that...

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OCEAN 7 OCEAN CHEMISTRY Acid – A substance that releases a hydrogen ion (H+) in solution. PG 195-7 200 Base – Substance that combines w/a hydrogen ion in solution Chemical Equilibrium – In seawater, the condition in which the proportion & amnts of dissolved salts per unit vol. of ocean nearly constant. PG 191-2 199 pH scale – measure of the acidity of alkalinity of a solution, numerically, the negative lograthm of the concentration of hydrogen ions in an aqueous solution. PH of 7 is neutral; lower is acidity, high indicates alkalinity. PG 196-7 200 198 192 ion – AN atom that becomes electrically charged by gaining or losing one or more electrons. Pg 186 185 188 187 Salinometer – measures the electrical conductivity of seawater pg 191 Buffer – a group of substances that resist change in the pH of a solution by combining with free ions. PG 197 200 principle of constant proportions – The proportions of major conservative elements in seawater remain nearly constant, though total salinity may change with
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