BSCI Exam 3 Outline

BSCI Exam 3 Outline - BSCI 110B Exam 3 Definitions:...

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Unformatted text preview: BSCI 110B Exam 3 Definitions: Aneuploidy: any abnormal # of chromosomes Epistasis: multiple genes interact to influence a trait (e.g., white vs. brown vs. black mice) Complementation: multiple enzymes are needed to complete pathways (related to epistasis) Pleiotropic: single gene multiple traits (e.g., Sickle cell anemia codominant on molecular level, but incompletely dominant in genetics ) Polygenic: multiple genes single trait Multifactorial: environmental effect on polygenic traits (norm of reaction; e.g., skin color) Penetrance: the genotype reflects the phenotype (high when environment plays no factor in phenotype) Expressivity: how much the genotype predicts phenotype Calico cats are ALL FEMALES. X inactivation Patches of orange and black Gender determination Humans (X-Y): X and Y. XX female, XY male *Presence/absence of Y determines gender Bugs (X-O): X only. XX female, XO male *# of Xs determines gender Birds, Fish, etc. (Z-W): Z and W. ZW female, ZZ male *Reverse of X-Y system Bees/ants (Haplo-diploid):no sex chromosomes. Diploid female, haploid male Mult iple Allele system: # of genotypes =...
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BSCI Exam 3 Outline - BSCI 110B Exam 3 Definitions:...

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