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Instructional Adaptation Chart - Autism

Instructional Adaptation Chart - Autism - discuss what they...

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Names: Instructional Adaptation/Accommodation Chart Identifying Characteristics of Autism Developmental disability that significantly affects verbal and nonverbal communication and social interactions, generally evident before age three. Other characteristics may included engagement in repetitive activities and stereotyped movements, resistance to environmental change or change in daily routines, inability to relate typically to other people and situations, delayed speech and language development, extreme literalness with language, and unusual responses to sensory experiences. MY LESSON PLAN IS FOR AN ELEMENTRY GRADE LEVEL SO THIS ISN’T EXACTLY HOW TO ACCOMIDATE GENEVA BUT IT IS ALONG THE LINES OF AN AUTISTIC STUDENT CURRICULUM INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACHES RANGE OF ACCOMMODATIONS/ MODIFICATIONS ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (High & Low Tech.) Lecture: a Show images of instruments and characters while discussing them a Speak clearly and use simple language a Avoid unnecessary details a Allow students to
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Unformatted text preview: discuss what they remember about the story or instruments a Provide review notes with descriptions of instruments to hand out before class a Prepare recordings before class a Use pictures whenever possible a Posters (with instrument pics) a Recordings Reading a Explain each assignment separately rather than explaining both simultaneously a Allow mixed ability groups for post activity discussion a Allow Q&A and prepare addition recordings with single instrument examples a Allow students to work with a partner a Provide earplugs for listening a Allow students to spread out and work a CD Player a Ear plugs Written Work a Grade on completion rather than accuracy because the purpose is to have them listening to the music a Allow students to go beyond the directions (if they chose to write emotions the music makes them feel, or make up their own story) a Allow alternate forms of a Markers, crayons, and other coloring materials expression...
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Instructional Adaptation Chart - Autism - discuss what they...

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