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Instructional Adaptation Chart - MR

Instructional Adaptation Chart - MR - ASSISTIVE...

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Names: Instructional Adaptation/Accommodation Chart Identifying Characteristics of Mild Mental Retardation Below average intellectual and adaptive functioning. IQ scores below 70-75. May have difficulty with daily living skills, personal care, communication skills, and social skills. May have trouble speaking, remembering things, solving problems or thinking logically. May have trouble seeing the consequences of their actions. Generally classified as having mild, moderate, or severe/profound mental retardation. Mild retardation (IQs of 50-75) results in a need for intermittent and/or limited supports. Students with moderate retardation (IQs of 30-50) often need consistent and long-term supports. This group includes students with a number of genetically based syndromes. Students with severe and profound mental retardation (IQs less than 30) require extensive and pervasive supports. CURRICULUM INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACHES RANGE OF ACCOMMODATIONS/ MODIFICATIONS
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Unformatted text preview: ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY (High & Low Tech.) Lecture: a Show images of instruments and characters while discussing them a Speak clearly and use simple language a Avoid unnecessary details a Allow students to discuss what they remember about the story or instruments a Provide review notes with descriptions of instruments to hand out before class a Prepare recordings before class a Use pictures whenever possible a Posters (with instrument pics) a Recordings Reading a Explain each assignment separately rather than explaining both simultaneously a Simplify directions a Allow students to spread out and work a CD Player Written Work a Grade on completion rather than accuracy because the purpose is to have them listening to the music a Allow students to go beyond the directions (if they chose to write emotions the music makes them feel, or make up their own story) a Allow alternate forms of expression a Markers, crayons, and other coloring materials...
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Instructional Adaptation Chart - MR - ASSISTIVE...

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