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Principles of Biology Principles of Biology BIOL 1200-001/299 BIOL 1200-001/299 Your Professor: Dr. Jason Bond – Howell Science Complex N211 – Email: [email protected] – Phone: 328-2910 – Office hours • M 3:00 - 4:00 PM; W 11:00 AM - noon • or by appointment http://ecu.blackboard.com • Illustrations from lecture • Homework assignments, etc. • Grades • Quizzes – Honors section - 299 Grading Grading 12 Quizzes Generally similar to Midterm Exam format Multiple choice True false Matching 15% of your final grade 10 Best of 12 NO MAKEUP QUIZZES 3 Midterm Exams 60% of your final grade 10% lowest, 15% other two NO MAKEUP EXAMS Comprehensive final exam, midterm format, overview; 30 April Success Success ATTEND CLASS! ATTEND CLASS! • Attend study sessions • Take notes • Review material after class • Readings from textbook • Ask questions in class • Do not wait until the end of the semester to be shocked ” about your grade • Buy the textbook (or part of it) Class Stayed Left Mean for quiz 8 7.25 7.65 6.47 Mean total points 110.31 123.35 98.54 Mean % points 68.9 77.1 61.6 Dr. Stiller (and Bond) doesn’t take attendance…why should I bother coming to class?
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Communicating: a brief word Communicating: a brief word about email about email Be judicious in your use of email
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lec1intro_biodiverse - Principles of Biology BIOL...

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