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History studyguide_1 - World History I(HIST 1010 Fall...

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World History I (HIST 1010) Fall Semester 2006 Dr. Morris Bian STUDY GUIDE FOR THE FIRST EXAM I. I will test your knowledge of facts as well as your understanding of IDEAS, ARGUMENTS, and INTERPRETATIONS. Consequently, you need to study not only the terms listed on this study guide but also the ideas, arguments, and interpretations presented in the lectures AND the textbook. A firm grasp of the lecture and textbook material is CRUCIAL for a solid performance. As stated on the syllabus, the first exam will take place on Wednesday, September 13, during the regular class hour. II. Be sure to understand the meaning AND significance of the following terms discussed in the lectures: Primary tradition Secondary tradition Defining moment Creative minorities Resource endowments Civilization Mesopotamia Sumer Sumerians Sargon Akkadian Empire Code of Hammurabi Cuneiform Medes Persians Achaemenid Dynasty Cyrus Darius Persepolis Satrapy Satrap Zoroaster Ahura Mazda Angra Mainyu Zoroastrianism Monotheism
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  • History, World History, Islam, The Republic, Hammurabi Persians Darius Satrap Angra Mainyu Magi Mecca Allah Muslim Theocracy Caliph Abbasid Dynasty Ulama, Muslims Ottoman Empire Osman Harem Janissaries Grand Vizier Minoan Civilization, Vizier Minoan Civilization, Sargon Cuneiform Achaemenid Dynasty Persepolis Zoroaster Zoroastrianism Avesta Khadija Muhammad Medina Mosque Abu Bakr

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History studyguide_1 - World History I(HIST 1010 Fall...

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