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Christoher Week 6 Checkpoint

Christoher Week 6 Checkpoint - Running head WHAT ARE...

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Running head: WHAT ARE ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS 1 What Are Enterprise Systems Christopher Fox IT/205 April 25, 2013 John Gosney
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WHAT ARE ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS 2 What Are Enterprise Systems An enterprise system is a system based on suite of integrated software modules and a common central database (Laudon, & Laudon, 2009, p. 273). This system also known as (ERP), which traditionally was used in the manufacturing sector, and is now deployed across a host of industries and verticals. Vendors now manufacture and sell software configured for the specific and unique requirements, issues and challenges of various sectors and look to address the technology transformation of business. New tools are available to help organizations further tweak and customize the core ERP modules and help businesses gain greater insight into operations, systems, networks and applications (Dutta, 2011). The database in an ERP collects the data from different departments and divisions within an organization, and from a large number of key business processes in manufacturing and production, finance, and accounting, sales and marketing, and human recourses, making the data available for applications that support nearly all of an organizations internal business activities. When new information is entered by one process, the information is made immediately available to other business processes (Laudon, & Laudon, 2009, p. 274). ERP redefines enterprise resource planning, delivering role-based access to crucial data, applications, and analytical tools. With ERP, you can efficiently deal with business challenges in the following areas: Financials, which ensure compliance and predictability of business performance so your organization can gain a deeper financial insight across the enterprise and tighten control of finances. ERP Financials automates financial and management accounting and financial supply chain management. The solution also provides rigorous support for corporate- governance mandates. Human Capital Management optimizes the HR processes with a complete, integrated, and global human capital management solution. ERP provides human capital
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Christoher Week 6 Checkpoint - Running head WHAT ARE...

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