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Christoper Week 8 Assignment 2

Christoper Week 8 Assignment 2 - Running head CRM SOLUTION...

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Running head: CRM SOLUTION 1 CRM Solution Christopher Fox IT/205 May 12, 2013 John Gosney
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CRM SOLUTION 2 CRM Solution The IT department wants to replace their old CRM with a new CRM solution. The only problem is that their existing hardware is old and out of date thus will not support the new CRM. I believe the best thing to do is first call in a hardware consultant; this can help in determining what types of hardware are needed and available for the new CRM applications. Once we have the new hardware installed and in place we can install and implement the CRM. In order to get the picture of how the new CRM will work out the five major variables of project management must be analyzed to see how they will fit into the implementation of the new CRM project. The five major variables are scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. Every one of these variables will play a role in the success or failure of this project so I will discuss each one separately. Scope defines what work is or is not included in a project. For this particular project there will be a scope for new networking equipment as well as computer equipment to implement the new CRM. The borderline of the scope for the project must not be crossed because it can possibly mess up one of the other variables, which is time. Quality means how the end result of the hardware replacement satisfies the IT department’s wants and needs. The quality of the hardware replacement will be dependent on the time and cost because if you want quality it will cost you and you cannot rush replacing hardware or you might end up installing something wrong or buying the work hardware all together. When the project is finished and the hardware is
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Christoper Week 8 Assignment 2 - Running head CRM SOLUTION...

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