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Christopher Week Four Checkpoint

Christopher Week Four Checkpoint - Running head WEEK FOUR...

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Running head: WEEK FOUR CHECKPOINT 1 Week Four Checkpoint Christopher Fox IT/205 April 12, 2013 John Gosney
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WEEK FOUR CHECKPOINT 2 Week Four Checkpoint Some advantages of business email over traditional mail or telephone communications are cost reductions, lower overhead and speed. Email software is available for every size business, allowing for customized business and employee interactions. Speed Communicating by email is almost instantaneous, which can enhance communications by allowing for quick dissemination of information and fast response to customer inquiries. Customers can send sales questions and support requests by email based on their own time zone schedules. Customers can opt in to receive email communications about products they own, sales or new items. Email marketing can also target customers based on their status with a business. Most email software provides customization features you can tailor to the type of work performed, volume of daily email messages and the needs of the worker. A company may limit an employee’s use of email during business hours to work related email only. Companies want to limit the use of email because if the employee is using the email for other purposes than work related communication it is taking away from company time and can cost the company money because of unproductivity. An emails path once it leaves an organization is usually through a path that contains a server and
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Christopher Week Four Checkpoint - Running head WEEK FOUR...

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