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3 - 15 What is the value of unknown resistance R in the...

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Unformatted text preview: 15. What is the value of unknown resistance R in the circuit shown below? (a) 4 Ohm (b) 2 Ohm $9.}. 3 Ohm (d 1 Ohm 16. The oscillation frequency of'a spring and mass system is given by”: (a) w = (Rim)2 (5) m 2 = (kim) 15) (u = 2 Elk (d) none of the above: 1?. The gain bandwidth product (GBP) is: (21):; the open-loop gain multiplied by the cut-off frequency ‘ ) the open-loop gain divided by the cut-off frequency (0) the cut-off frequency multiplied by the CMRR (d) the cut-off frequency divided by the CMRR 18- The non-inverting opwamp. does not have a feed—back loop. Ewe -...'_Fal_se " 19. Find out the total current (in amperes) through the circuit shown below, using Kirchost law? (al' 4 (b) 2 (0)1 6 rd; 10 ...
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