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Final Project - James Holman Final Project Introduction A...

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James Holman Final Project Introduction A company called Nyke makes shoes of various sizes for females and males. Lately, the company has undergone financial hardships. Unless the CEO makes a change in its business, Nyke will have to file for Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy depending on the situation. That change to be effected is to make shoes of only one size irrespective of height and gender. There is a possibility that this move will save the company from going under the water. Descriptive statistics and statistical testings will be applied to a set of data to determine the best choice of one specific size. The data will be explored and explained in details. There will be conclusions to be made, but they will be either accepted or rejected based on the other supporting statistics. Finally, one size will be chosen. However, if more data can be included, they have more impact on the final conclusion. Methodology A normally distributed data set of eighteen female shoe sizes and seventeen male shoe sizes was analyzed through Quattro Pro X4 Version, a Corel program. The data including both genders was looked at in one set and then broken down in two separate categories: females and males. Descriptive statistics were applied to each of the three data sets. Then, the two data sets, females and males separately, were tested by a two-sampled t-test, assuming that they both have equal variances. Afterwards, it was tested again by a two-sampled t-Test, assuming they both have unequal variances. After the data had been crunched and their null/research hypotheses have been tested, the conclusions will be made. Results Figure A of page 5 shows the raw data set that is normally distributed and which includes 1
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shoe sizes, heights, and genders. On page 7, Figure D is the descriptive statistics for the raw data set. There are 35 data samples: 18 females and 17 males. With a range of 9, the minimum shoe
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