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Lect 1_Slides(print) - Bio 1A Life an Overview Lecture#1...

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1 Bio 1A: Life, an Overview Lecture #1 January 23, 2008 Prof. Schlissel Biology 1A: The study of life Goal is to understand how living organisms are built and function Understand life processes in chemical terms Understand the structure and function of cells, tissues, and organs Understand inheritance, storage, and retrieval of genetic information Cells DNA and RNA Metabolism Development Biology’s most profound observation
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2 A gene controlling skin color discovered in Zebrafish The Cell Theory The cell is simplest unit that can perform all of the fundamental activities of life All living things are made up of cells All cells have essentially the same chemical composition All cells are derived from pre- existing cells Cells contain hereditary information that is passed on during cell division Classifications Archea-- mostly single celled, no nucleus; extremophiles Eubacteria-- single-celled prokaryotes (no nucleus) Eukaryotes-- fungi, plants, animals; uni- or multi-cellular
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